Monday, August 08, 2005

A Little Progress

Update, 2:56 PM: The page now works in Safari. A missing quotation mark and a very minor difference in handling of selected options made me think that Safari handled onLoad differently than other browsers. But actually it's perfectly normal and I just spent hours and hours doing research so that I could find a missing quotation mark. One useful result, though, is that I looked into better JavaScript/DOM developer tools for Safari, and found out how to enable the Debug Menu on Safari, which includes a JavaScript console, some basic DOM stuff (not quite as useful to me as the Firefox one, but still nice to have) and various other features. Check out this hint for an explanation of how to enable it on your computer (and ask me for help if you don't understand those instructions). Also potentially useful are the Safari WebDevAdditions.

I haven't made nearly as much progress as I had hoped to this weekend, but there is at least something to see:

Amherst Geographic Medium Proof of Concept

That page will let you see all the images so far posted on the map, and will let you add images to the map (click on Add an item to bring up the form, click the place on the map to place the image, then change the type of to Picture, select a file and hit submit). Unfortunately, images don't show up in Safari (which also has problems with the textarea in the initial form -- I've been investigating how it may handle onload() differently than the other browsers, but am still confused), and really all I've tested it in is Firefox, so I don't know how it will work in IE either.

Features that will be my focus for the next few days (besides browser compatibility, which has a ways to go apparently, and obviously filling out similar functionality for text):
  1. Changing the size of images when the user zooms in (thumbnails are already generated for this, they just need to be used)
  2. Handling many, many items on a page at once, either through grouping, or some method of selective display (or determining that this doesn't really matter at the moment)
  3. Updating with the new image data (which will hopefully be available Monday -- I'd like to know how many levels of zoom will actually be feasible)

Oh, and of course I'd like to add some nice functionality for playing sound and video from within the interface, probably using Flash. So I'll be busy for the next week, at least.

Please leave comments on how it looks on your browser, what ideas you have concerning my list of features/improvements here, and insights concerning the Safari browser and onLoad(). Thanks.


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