Monday, August 01, 2005

On Google Maps

So I've spent the morning researching Google Maps. There is, of course, a lot on it, as people get pretty excited when they can add usable functionality to their own pages, when they can associate themselves with Google, and when they can make maps of things, and particularly excited when they can do all three.

So, a few sites. Note that much of the work that has been done on Google Maps has been made obselete by the public API having been released. So some of these links may be pragmatically useless, but they're interesting nonetheless. Recreating Google Maps on your own server has also been done (and might be good for my project) and that may require the reverse engineering stuff that people worked on before the API.

How Google Maps' path-drawing works
Drawing arbitrary GIS data on Google Maps
Chicago Crime
so you want to create filled polygons, custom icons, and more?
TLabel, a Google Maps API extension: small, nice labels

Google Maps API Documentation
Google-Maps-API Group

Related links that aren't specifically about Google Maps (yes, there are organizations besides Google!):
MSN Virtual Earth (and the unofficial developer site)
ESRI ArcWeb Services, free, online ESRI stuff (but not as nice as Google Maps, I think)

Also, my Google Maps API key (which it seems isn't bad to make public, as it can only be used for this one directory, and can be viewed by anyone who looks at the source of a page that uses it):
Thank you for signing up for a Google Maps API key. Your key is:


This key is good for all URLs in this directory:


Blogger Sarah said...

During Diana's talk, I was fascinated by the idea that when technology gets easier (i.e. blogs for web publishing, Google for mapping), it seems like a major thing that people do is use it to tell stories.

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