Friday, August 12, 2005

A Proof of Concept

I've been calling this web app a "proof of concept" ever since I actually got a Google Map interface to work. But now the term seems more appropriate as I've not just created a proof of the concept of zooming a map farther than intended, or of posting media to a map, or any of the other individual features. Rather, this should prove the larger concept of a web application that can provide an immersive, interesting experience of a location. I hope that I have shown some compelling reasons to try to implement this at Amherst College and at any college campus.

Note that the link has changed. The imagery proved to be too large for my account, so I've had to move it over to the ARC (Amherst Recording Council) account.

Amherst Geographic Meta-Medium Proof of Concept

It's been fun. I am surprisingly pleased with this result, or at least what this has the potential to be.


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